Development of Haveno's user interface temporarily suspended

Haveno Core Team | 14 Jun 2022

Thanks to the generosity of the community, we were able to raise 755 XMR through Monero’s Community Crowdfunding System to build Haveno’s user interface. Work has been ongoing for several weeks now and we already paid three invoices to the frontend team and a fourth one will be paid tomorrow. Each invoice is the payment for 2 weeks worth of development.

Note that at the moment we have received 2 of the 5 payouts from the CCS, for a total of 202 XMR. The rest of the funds are custodied by the Monero Core Team, as for every other CCS.

The funds we raised for development are in XMR, so they are sensitive to market movements. Sadly, the value of Monero has been decreasing sharply during the last several weeks, resulting in our funds having less and less value in dollars.

The market value of XMR fell so low that we are forced to suspend the development of the user interface until Monero’s value will rise enough for us to be able to cover the entire development. This is not a decision we take lightly, but letting work proceed with the strong risk of depleting the funds before the UI is completed is not an option. Tomorrow we will pay the fourth invoice for the past two weeks of work (which will be pushed to the repository soon), then development will pause.

What now?

For the time being we will focus on the backend and on adapting the legacy user interface, so in the case the market won’t recover in time to allow us to build the frontend for the initial launch, we will be able to use Bisq’s old interface. This is not an optimal situation, but we have to make compromises in order to avoid stalling. Design and API work is still ongoing, to allow us to be able to quickly resume working on the user interface.

Nonetheless, work proceeds and, now more than before, we need the support of our community: If you are a developer proficient in Java or Typescript, your help would be greatly appreciated, even for minor tasks. Reach out on Matrix or Irc/Libera: #haveno-dev; if you have the possibility, consider donating any amount to our general fund, which is also heavily impacted by the market. This is the fund we use for bounties and all other expenses, so donations would be a huge help.

For any question, you are welcome to join us on Matrix and IRC/Libera, in the #haveno room.

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